Rain Out Procedure

“It’s raining! Is there going to be a game?”

Here’s what to do:
1. Check the website the morning of the game
2. Check the Club’s Facebook page for updates
3. Ask your coach

Home Games: When adverse weather is present, the Club determines by 8:00 am if games will be played. Announcements are posted on the Club Facebook page. The Club’s paramount concern is player safety and damage to fields. It is possible that some fields may be closed and others open, When the fields are closed, all use is prohibited including games and practices.  Teams that violates this policy may be subject to suspension.
●  County Field Hotline: 831-454-7906 – Call this number for county field closures – Highlands Park

Away Games:  Please check with your coach. SV/SLV SC will not know the status of away game fields.
●  Santa Cruz City Club Hotline: 831-460-2549 – Call this number for Santa Cruz City Club field closures – Harvey West, Depot Park, etc.