Advanced Team Tryouts/Registration

PLEASE SEE THE “ADVANCED TEAMS” tab for general information and age matrix.


Tryouts for our 2018 Fall Advanced Teams are scheduled for February 24/25 and March 3/4 at San Lorenzo Valley High School turf field.

Online pre-registration for all age groups will close February 23rd at noon.

Please register your player before then. Onsite registration is also available at tryouts. Parents of ALL players who do not pre-register online MUST attend tryouts to complete the necessary forms, which include a medical waiver.

Register using the link below:

Kids are welcome to try out at older age levels, but are strongly encouraged to try out at their own age level to increase their chances for receiving an invitation to a team.  Teams in the younger age groups (U13 and lower) are only allowed to carry three younger players on their team.  For example, a 2008 team may only have up to three 2009 players on their roster.  Younger players who are invited to “play up” an age group must submit a “play up request” to the Club during registration and be individually approved for playing at the older level.  This will be handled later, during the registration process.
Note that many of the older age groups at the middle school and high school levels are combined with one other age group; for example, the 2004/2005 girls play together at the 2004 age level (U15).”  See the chart below for what team(s) might be appropriate for your player.


Players MUST attend at least one tryout in order to be considered for a team.  We strongly recommend they attend both.  A player cannot be considered for a team if they did not attend that team’s tryout.

2010G Saturday – Feb 24 4-5:30 South Field Dilworth
2010G Sunday – March 4 9:00-10:30 South Field
2010B Saturday – Feb 24 9:00-10:30 North Field Niesen
2010B Sunday – March 4 2:30-4 North Field
2009G Saturday – Feb 24 2:30-4 South Field Corstorphine
2009G Sunday – March 4 10:30-12 South Field
2009B Saturday – Feb 24 10:30-12 North Field Gravely
2009B Sunday – March 4 1-2:30 North Field
2008G Saturday – Feb 24 10:30-12 South Field Niesen
2008G Sunday – March 4 1-2:30 South Field
2008B Saturday – Feb 24 1-2:30 North Field Alaniz
2008B Sunday – March 4 10:30-12 North Field
2007G Saturday – Feb 24 2:30-4 North Field Helmold
2007G Sunday – March 4 2:30-4 South Field
2007B Saturday – Feb 24 9:00-10:30 South Field Lorenz
2007B Sunday – March 4 4-5:30 North Field
2006G Saturday – March 3 9:00-10:30 South Field Reyes
2006G Sunday – Feb 25 2:30-4 South Field
2006B Saturday – Feb 24 4-5:30 North Field Nounnan
2006B Sunday – March 4 9:00-10:30 North Field
2005B Saturday – March 3 2:30-4 North Field Carrington
2005B Sunday – Feb 25 9:00-10:30 North Field
2004B Saturday – March 3 1-2:30 North Field Goodwin
2004B Sunday – Feb 25 10:30-12 North Field
2004/05G Saturday – Feb 24 1-2:30 South Field Barton
2004/05G Saturday – March 3 4-5:30 South Field
2002/03G Saturday – March 3 10:30-12 South Field Challenor
2002/03G Sunday – Feb 25 1-2:30 South Field
2002/03B Saturday – March 3 10:30-12 North Field Basharat
2002/03B Sunday – Feb 25 1-2:30 North Field
2001B Saturday – March 3 9:00-10:30 North Field Cardenas
2001B Sunday – Feb 25 2:30-4 North Field
2001/02G Saturday – March 3 1-2:30 South Field Arzabal
2001/02G Sunday – Feb 25 10:30-12 South Field
2000G Saturday – March 3 2:30-4 South Field Hite
2000G Sunday – Feb 25 9:00-10:30 South Field




Please contact our Advanced Team Coordinator if you have any questions: