Become a licensed soccer referee!  Earn cash while refereeing Club soccer matches and supporting our soccer community!

Online Session
:  Complete 4 assignments BEFORE attending field session
Field Session:
  May 16, 2020 09:00 am – 12:00 pm @ Skypark


  1. Use link to sign-in/create a US Soccer Learning Account
  2. For 18 years and older, complete background check. Takes 5-10 days to process before you can actually register for class. Background check fee is $30 + credit card processing
  3. For 13-17 years old, use link to for register class
  4. Complete 4 online assignments BEFORE field session — assignments take 7-9 hours (plan ahead!)
  5. Attend on field session on May 16 (9 am – 12 pm) @ Skypark
    ●  Bring $30 check payable to SV/SLV Soccer Club
    ●  Bring a whistle, water, running shoes, and athletic attire. 

Field Session:  All 4 assignments must be complete BEFORE you attend the field session. Field Session will start at 9am. Please arrive 15 min early to check in.

Age Requirements:  Any person age 13 and over can take the class.  For 18+, you will be prompted to complete a background check. This can take up to five days to process and MUST be completed before taking the course, so please complete this immediately upon sign up.

$30 (for 18 and older) Background Check – National Center for Safety Initiatives
$30 SV/SLV Soccer Club Fee – Due at first class
$75 CNRA Fee (California North Referee Administration)


Questions:  Please contact