Wanted: Volunteer Coaches for Fall

Please consider coaching a team!  NEW!  $80 refund on player registration for Head coaches at end of season.

The fall season runs from August through November.  Two practices per week is recommended for teams U10 and above, one per week for U6 and U8.  On average, there is one game per weekend.  The head coach can request one assistant coach.  The assistant coach must request to be with that head coach when they register.  The head coach selects their practice field and time at the Coaches meeting in July.

ALL potential coaches must register on the Club’s SPORTABILITY site.  This is separate from your son or daughter’s player registration.  All candidates are subject to review and approval by the SV/SLV Soccer Club Board of Directors.


Please feel free to contact a coach coordinator with any questions.

Rec coaches in SLV: coachescoordinator-slv@nullsvslvsoccerclub.org
Rec coaches in Scotts Valley: coachescoordinator-sv@nullsvslvsoccerclub.org
Comp:  advancedteams@nullsvslvsoccerclub.org