My Child Participated in the Tryouts – What’s Next?

If your child participated in one of our tryouts, he or she is part of the process for establishing our Competitive Teams for Fall 2021 play. Over the next several days, the coaches will be reviewing the independent evaluations of your child’s performance at the tryouts and will be making decisions as to which players in their respective tryout group demonstrated the necessary skills, during tryouts, to make the team. 

How Does This Process Work?   The Club tries to make the process of player selection for each and every team as objective as possible and, consequently, the selection process is heavily weighted on the evaluations of the independent tryout facilitators during during tryouts. The facilitators are unrelated to the team (no parents of players, etc.).

What You Can Expect? Coaches will be contacting all players over the next several days and informing you of your child’s status. You should receive an email / phone call or both from the coach or coaches. 

What if My Child Makes The Team? The coach will inform you of the next steps in the process (required paperwork, parent meetings, costs, etc.).

What if My Child Tried Out for Multiple Teams ? If your child tried out for multiple teams in their age group and is extended multiple offers to join several teams, then it is their choice which offer to accept and which team they choose to join (players may only select one team. If your child is trying out for an ‘older’ team, and makes that team, then you will have to apply for approval, on behalf of your child, to play up in that age group. Your coach will provide you with a Play-up Request Form.  The Board of Directors approves ‘play-up’ requests and reserves the right to not approve such requests. We prefer players to play in their respective birth year groups. 

What if My Child Does Not Make The Team? Many teams have limited roster sizes.   And, unfortunately, coaches often have to make very difficult decisions, based upon a single or two tryout sessions. Often, players are separated by a single evaluation point (one may make the team and one may not). This single point can equate to one or two missed passes during the tryout session. Nevertheless, coaches need to make a decision and name a final team roster where player evaluations are sometimes very close.

If your child does not make the team this year, please encourage your child to keep playing soccer and developing his or her skills. Every year, all players, who want to play advanced team soccer, are required to attend tryouts. There are no ‘returning’ players in the SVSLV Soccer Club Advanced Team Program. So, even if your child does not make the team this year, there will be opportunities later if your child chooses to tryout again. Also, our Recreation soccer program is a fantastic program for your child to continue playing and developing their skills (see our website for details at Many players and parents choose to play in our Recreation program for a variety of reasons, unrelated to Advanced Team Soccer – it is a great option for players in our community!

When Will I Be Notified? All coaches are required to notify parents and players within the next several days. The Club and the coaches want to get this information to you as soon as possible after a team has been named.

What if I Am Not Contacted? If you are not contacted by Tuesday,  June 22, coach by at 5:00 p.m., please contact the Club at and we will make sure to connect you with the proper person to provide you with an update of your child’s tryout team.

Thank you again for your interest in our Club’s Advanced Soccer Program.