Covid Update

Hello soccer families,

As promised, we have been keeping an eye out for updated COVID guidelines from Santa Cruz County. We just spotted an update which can be accessed here:

One of the primary issues of concern for everyone is masks. The updated guidelines say masks are “strongly recommended” outdoors including in crowded situations. Our Club will follow the guidelines which means we strongly recommend players, coaches and parents wear masks outdoors when social distancing is not possible; however as they are not mandatory, we do not require them at this time.

We would like to call your attention to the reminders about avoiding postgame activities that could spread COVID, such as indoor postgame gatherings and indoor team parties. We also remind coaches to maintain reasonable social distancing, including a much wider team huddle, avoiding touching, no post-game high fives or fist bumps. If your team does post-game snacks, please be COVID-conscious.

Thank you all and stay healthy!

Kim Petersen
SV/SLV Soccer Club