Update: U8-U12 Coach Email 9/10/21

Hello U8 – U12 Rec Coaches:

Thank you again for volunteering your time to coach. We all appreciate your efforts and dedication.

• Home team provides game balls
• We emailed final rosters and player emergency contact into to each U8, U10, and U12 coach this morning.
• Both teams bring a copy of roster for referee to use for player checkins
• Please pack out ALL trash.
• U12s. It is recommended coaches contact each other Wednesday prior to scheduled games, to confirm with each other, time, place, start time, jersey colors etc.
• Visiting team to wear pennies if conflict of jersey color arises.

First games of the day, you should arrive early to prepare the field like move and secure goals. Ask your parents to help.

Please Review the Field Logistics Instructions: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1eWIJHaXfpyq5J19m4QwiEzVhn5aYli8L/edit?usp=sharing&ouid=113413149785565995232&rtpof=true&sd=true

Flags are located:

• Lower Siltanen-metal box on walkway below playground structure
• Upper Siltanen-same metal box as above
• Highlands-redwood box at north entrance to field
• SVHS-redwood box next to Club porta-potty by tennis court
• SLVHS-redwood box adjacent to track, closest to basketball court
• SLVMS-leaning against shed door in corner of field (out of view)
• SVMS-no access to corner flags
• Please bring cones for corners as a backup in the event flags are missing.

Review the modified rules at  svslvsoccerclub.org/resources/. We recommend you meet with the opposing coach and referee at the start of each game to ensure you are all on the same page with the rules, including the build-out line, goalkeeper distribution, whether the referee will allow a re-try on a throw-in, heading (U12s), etc. Substitutions should happen from the midline with permission from the referee on any stoppage of play.

Our referees are essential to hosting soccer games, and many of our young referees are learning. Mistakes will happen. Please don’t vent your frustration on the kids or the referee or the crowd around you. It is important to remind your parents of this as well prior to the game.


We try to form balanced teams based on age, experience, and skill level, but alas, some teams always seem to be dominant. Here are some suggestions for preventing a blow-out.

RESPECT THE OTHER TEAM – Always show respect to the other team (coaches, players, parents). As the dominant team, give advice in such a way that only your team gets the message.
PLAN AHEAD – Always plan ahead. If it is obvious that your team is dominant, begin employing respectful strategies BEFORE you reach a 5-goal difference.
DO continue to challenge your players AND the other team:
Some examples:

• Left Foot – all shots must be with the left foot (but don’t make it obvious)
• Shooting Outside the Box – all shots must be made from outside of the box
• 6 Passes – Then Shoot – no shots should be taken unless your team has completed 6 passes in a row (but don’t make it obvious)
• Only Non-Scoring Players Can Shoot on Goal – only those players who haven’t scored in the past 3 games can shoot on goal
• No Dribbling – 2 Pass – now (but don’t make it obvious) no dribbling, only 2-touch play (but don’t make it obvious)
• Switch Up Players – give different players different opportunities on the field have your weaker players challenging the other team’s strongest players if you’ve got a great goalkeeper, don’t play them in goal

Remember, if the other team scores, THAT’S GOOD!! (but don’t give the goal away) There are other ways to challenge your team while not running up the score. These are just a few suggestions.

• IMPORTANT: EVERY player must have a completed form to hand to the photographer. USE BLACK ink, all CAPITAL letters. Forms are scanned
• WHAT’S INCLUDED: All players receive an individual and team photo plus an individual photo magnet at no cost.
• ADDITIONAL ITEMS: Additional photos and items are available for purchase. See order form.
• SCHEDULE: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1EQj-FT7gx5DAHDSzOPWDTVdFQtQhccmXDG4-Orj6OfQ/edit?usp=sharing

• ONE team rep (coach or helper) will go to check-in Table
• Have your team organized, lined-up, with each player holding their completed order form just prior to your scheduled time.

Lock the goals if there is no team practicing after you. During practices, the goals are being left out on the fields nightly. We prefer to have equipment available for your regular use. However, if goals are left out, we will limit use to weekend game use. We need your help.

3:30-5:00 practice – After practice, if another team is on the field, ask the coach if they plan to use the goal. If not, please secure and lock. Goals cannot remain out if there is not another coach/team onsite to use.

5:00-6:30 practice – After practice, secure and lock any goals that are on the field.
IF YOU SEE ANOTHER TEAM LEAVING A GOAL OUT – Please give a reminder to put the goal away or report the team to the Club, info@nullsvslvsoccerclub.org

Thank you again for coaching!

SV//SLV Soccer Club


Field Logistics: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1eWIJHaXfpyq5J19m4QwiEzVhn5aYli8L/edit?usp=sharing&ouid=113413149785565995232&rtpof=true&sd=true

Game and Photo Day Schedules: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1BVloYzxtujqT86ppFogFQlsfT7svNSZq?usp=sharing

Photo Day Form: https://drive.google.com/file/d/19ZMQcOvsEJPgdAYA4qyH8URULqMh0Jh_/view?usp=sharing