FAQ- Comp Soccer

Recreation soccer is open to all players regardless of experience or skill level. Rec teams have a balance of both new and returning players. Competitive soccer is for enthusiastic, players who want to compete at a higher level. Teams are formed through open tryouts in age groups from U8/U9 - U19 and includes nearly 250 players each season. All teams play a fall season, some teams also play in the spring.
Teams are formed through open tryouts. There are at least two tryout sessions for each birth year. All interested players new and returning must attend at least one tryout. We encourage all players to attend both sessions in their age group. This gives coaches and evaluators an opportunity to see players over a longer period of time and make a fair assessment of the player.
Each player must attend at least one tryout ,and we prefer that player attends both sessions. This gives the coaches and evaluators an opportunity to see players over a longer period of time and make a fair assessment of the player.
The Club believes most players develop best playing in their birth year age group, if a team exists. However, the Club recognizes that a few exceptionally talented players may warrant consideration for playing at the next age level. The Club’s Board of Directors will review such on a case-by case basis whether a player’s technical, tactical, mental and physical abilities warrant playing in an older age group. The Club encourages players to tryout for both their birth year and play-up age group. A player cannot be considered for their birth year team without trying out with that age group. Players cannot play down.
We ask families to provide contact information and sign tryout waiver in advance of attending. This minimizes the time it takes to check-in. There is no fee or commitment but helps us with on-site logistics.
Players are assigned a numbered jersey and participate in drills and small-sided games. The head coach and qualified raters evaluate each player. Tryouts are conducted to be as fair and impartial to all players as possible. Players must attend the tryout age group of the team they hope to join. Participants should have and a light snack and some water 30 minutes before tryouts. At tryouts, players should provide their own water, soccer shoes and shin guards.
Most coaches make team selections based on the tryout player pool. When additional players are needed to complete a roster, at the coaches discretion, a coach may hold additional tryouts. If you are unavailable for tryouts, please register for tryouts and note why you are unable to attend. If you are injured and unable to compete fully at tryouts, please register for tryouts and note your injury with an estimate of when you can resume training.
Teams have an 8-10 fall game season. Home games will be played in Scotts Valley and San Lorenzo Valley. 4-5 "away" games are played in San Mateo, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, San Benito, and Monterey Counties, Travel depends on the other teams who register with State Association prior to the season starting. Brackets are formed to minimize travel as much as possible. Schedules become available mid/late August. Teams also typically participate in 1-3 tournaments each season. The travel involved for tournaments varies between teams. Most play Bay Area tournaments.
* Club Registration Fee ~ $230 * Uniforms ~ $160 * Team Tournament, equipment, misc ~ $150 * Trainer Fees ~ Some teams use paid coaches and will have higher fees. Please contact comp@nullsvslvsoccerclub.org for more information.
Need based financial assistant is available to help cover registration fees of $230. Other team fees can be offset by a team fundraiser or sponsor organized by parents. Please contact registrar@nullsvslvsoccerclub.org.
Similar to recreational soccer, the comp soccer season runs September to November. Teams typically practice 2 times per week and most teams start practices in July. The season includes 8-10 games typically starting the weekend after Labor Day.
Coaches select practices time and location (SV or SLV) based on their preferences. Teams practice 2x per week typically starting in July and ending in early November. Teams play between 8-10 games which includes 4-5 home games played in Scotts Valley and San Lorenzo Valley. Away games are typically played in San Mateo, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, San Benito, and Monterey Counties.
We ask that every player that is trying out be ready to commit to the team upon receiving an offer, and no later than 24 hours after results are posted. This will speed up the process for everyone else in the age group. Acceptance of a roster spot is confirmed when you email the coach. Team registration information will follow after your acceptance.
At the coach's discretion, teams may play a spring reason. Spring is typically played so that players may also play other spring sports. Please email comp@nullsvslvsoccerclub.org with questions.